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I.       XpertConnection™

How does this feature work for an expert?

The process for the expert is as follows:

  1. Create account, verify email address, and log in.
  2. Register with one of TalkToShares’s paid subscription plans depending on the breadth of your expertise.   If you sign up for the yearly Basic plan, choose the category, topic, and hashtag that reflect your expertise.  Or choose more if you select the Standard or Plus plan.
  3. Click “I want to share my expertise with others” button on your PersonalPage™.
  4. Elaborate on your experiences, skills, and accomplishments via the “View and edit public profile as an expert” link.  Set your billing rate for a 15-minute time slot.  Provide information for receiving payments.
  5. Wait for the appointment requests to come in.
  6. Re-schedule, or ask for more information.   Accept appointment.
  7. On agreed upon date and time, start conversation using your phone.
  8. Listen.  Talk.  Help.
  9. Check your account for transactions.
  10. Get paid.

As a paid subscriber, you will have access to all the other benefits offered by TalkToShare.com.


How does this feature work if I want to talk with an expert?

The process for the free user who wants to speak to an expert is as follows:

  1. Create account, verify email address, and log in.
  2. Click “I want to search and talk to an expert” button on your PersonalPage™.
  3. Search for experts via the “I want to search for an expert” link. 
  4. Search for experts using the category, topic, and hashtag relevant to you.
  5. View expert profiles, billing rates per 15-minute slot, and availability. 
  6. Select an expert, book an appointment, and send them a message.
  7. Message expert, as required, and wait for appointment to be accepted.
  8. On agreed upon date and time, make payment.  Start conversation using your phone.  If expert does not come on the conference call in 5 minutes, click “Expert is no-show” button.
  9. Talk.  Discuss.  
  10. Rate expert and write a review.
  11. Check your account for transactions.

As a free subscriber, you will not have access to all the other benefits offered by TalkToShare.com.

Who can be an expert?

You should be a subject matter expert, coach, consultant, mentor, counselor, or chnage maker in one or more of the many categories, topics, and hashtags that TalkToShare.com covers.  Or, you should have relevant experience.  Or, you could be an effective listener to understand and relate to the issues being discussed.

As an expert, how much should I charge for my services?

You can set your own billing rate depending on your skills and experience.  The average 15-minute call works out to about $25, which is about $1.66 per minute.  We feel that anything less than $15 for a 15-minute call could devalue your service. 

A member seeking to talk to an expert can view your rate from his/her search results.  

Who will I be speaking with as an expert?

You, as an expert, can expect to speak to a range of people.  In all cases, however, they will seek you out by searching for experts based on the combination of conversation category, topic, and hashtag that you selected as being reflective of your expertise.  Our experts page shows all the experts that have registered at TalkToShare.com by these combinations.  

Why do I need to speak with an expert?

TalkToShare.com offers you a range of people with expertise that may help you with your questions, issues, and problems, or serve as active listeners.  You get on-demand advice and can choose from as many experts in our team depending on your specific interests that align with their expertise. 

How much would I pay the expert?

Each expert sets his/her own billing rate for a 15-minute time slot.  The minimum you would pay would be the amount billed for one time slot.  If you desire to have longer conversations, you can agree with the expert on the number of slots and pay accordingly. 

Some experts may offer the first consultation for free so you can gauge their capabilities. 

We do not bill insurance companies.  Therefore, we do not accept insurance-related copayments.  Also, we are not HIPAA compliant.

What if I cannot help?

Message the member and ask for clarification to determine if you can call on your expertise to help address his/her issues.  If you are able to help, accept the request for the call.  Confirm the date and time and agree on number of time slots.  If you cannot help, you can reject the request.  The other member will understand.

When is payment collected?

Payment is collected before the conversation for the number of time slots (of 15 minutes duration each) mutually agreed upon between both parties.

We use Stripe as our payment collection partner.

As an expert, when and how much do I get paid?

Following a successful conversation and release of funds by the other member, your current balance account will immediately reflect the fees earned by you net of a service charge. 

The service charge depends on the billing amount per call, regardless on number of time slots.  If the billing amount is equal to or greater than $100, the service charge is 15%.  For amounts less than that, the service charge is 25%.

Therefore, if the member paid $100 for a call, we will credit your balance with $85.  If the billing amount is $60 then we would credit your balance with $45, which is 75% of what we collect from the member who engages in conversation with you. 

Payments are processed at the beginning of the month for the previous calendar month.  Your earnings will be wired to the bank for which you provided the account number and routing number. 

We use Stripe as our payment partner.  They take 7 to 10 business days to process transactions.  Therefore, any revenues earned as an expert during the last week of the month may not be paid out the following month.

We reserve the right to change our remittance processes and third party gateway and payment partner at any time.

What if I am not available?

Being available is an important part of being an expert. 

You have the following options:

  • You can hide your profile as an expert and will not show up in a search.
  • You can post a note on your profile ahead of time indicating dates and times you may be unavailable.

If you do neither, you may appear in a search.  Always check for incoming messages and notifications.  Review the other member’s request and respond promptly. 

When you receive a specific appointment request, you have the ability to message the other member to reschedule the call depending on your and the other member’s calendars.  You can also suggest the number of time slots.  

However, once you have “Accepted” another member request to speak on an agreed upon date and time, you must keep your commitment.  A no-show is not acceptable.  Three no-shows will results in your removal from our roster.  Additionally, negative comments left by the other member will not help your record.

How do I get more conversation requests?

Be an active listener.  Explore actionable solutions.  Provide the human connection that all of us want.  Agree on next steps.

Read your reviews to see what other members have said about their interaction with you and make changes in your conversation approach, as appropriate.  Those that have had a positive experience would tell their friends.

Tell your friends and associates about your presence on TalkToShare.com.  Ask them to sign up as free members for XpertConnection™ and view your profile.  Share your presence publicly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  

What if I want to speak with the other member again?

If you see the need for more time with the member after the conversation, you can ask him/her to schedule additional appointment(s) using the same process.

If you want additional time with the expert beyond the time slots for which you paid, you can schedule additional appointment(s) using the same process.

We do not encourage going offline to make contact.  By serving as the facilitator, we aim to preserve some level of privacy on both sides.  We also ensure that the expert will get paid as the payments collected ahead of the call are escrowed till they are released. 

How can I change to an expert status from a free user?

If you believe that you meet the requirements of being viewed as an expert, you can go to Manage Accounts page accessible from your Personal Page™ and upgrade to a paid plan appropriate to your interests.

As a paid subscriber, you will have access to all the other benefits offered by TalkToShare.com including the ability to be viewed as an expert.

Can I exchange documents with the expert?

You can send or receive documents during the messaging phase..

The expert also has the ability to build and share his/her library of folders that may be relevant to your discussion.  The folder can contain MSWord and PDF documents, images, audio files, video files, and web URLs.  You can view the library in the expert’s profile after you conduct a search.

How do I create accounts to make payments or receive payments?

We work with www.stripe.com to (a) collect payment from members wishing to speak with experts, and (b) make payments to experts after they have had their conversations.  Stripe is a technology company operating in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept and make payments over the Internet.  They compete with PayPal.

No accounts are needed if you are making a payment prior to speaking with an expert.  You simply have to provide your credit card information. 

If you are an expert wanting to be reimbursed for your time, you must create either a business or an individual Stripe account.  This account can be created directly from your PersonalPage™.  Stripe requires the following information: name, date of birth, address, social security number, employer identification number (if a business), bank name, bank account owner’s name, bank routing number, bank account number, and an image of a government issued ID (e.g., driver’s license).  They compare this information with a government database prior to verifying your account.  False or incorrect information will label your account as “unverified” and unqualified for receipts of payments.

This information is entered directly to Stripe’s database via https://talktoshare.com.  We DO NOT hold this personal information in our database. After your account is successfully registered, you will receive a confirming email. 

If you do not receive this email, message us using the Contact us form on https://xpertconnectio.com and we will investigate the matter.

How can I pick multiple time slots for conversation?

When you click on the time to speak with the expert, you automatically select one 15-minute slot.  To pick additional slots, just click on additional times.

Example: If you wish to speak for 15 minutes at 9 AM on a specific date, click on just the slot that says 9:01 AM to 9:15 AM.  If you want to speak for an additional 30 minutes, click 9:16 AM to 9:30 AM and 9:31AM to 9:45 AM.  You will have picked three 15-minute time slots. 

When you go to pay for the call, the number of time slots you picked will be displayed as will the charge depending on the expert’s billing rate. 

How is XpertConnection™ different from LinkedIn’s Profinder?

Here are some differences…




Service provider



Membership requirement for expert

Requires LinkedIn’s Premium membership at $59.99/month or over $700/year.

Requires TalkToShare.com’s subscription to at least the one category, Basic yearly plan at $59.99/year.  This plan also offers a range of other benefits.

Expert’s professionalism and expertise

Same as reported by expert in his/her LinkedIn profile.

Expert is asked for certification, education, experience, skills, accomplishments, certification, testimonials, and references.

Response received by individual seeking help from expert

Only allows up to 5 proposals.  Other experts are locked out.

No such limit.  Individual can search for and engage as many experts as required.  There are no proposal requirements.

Expert’s earnings potential

Gigs are bona fide as only those people willing to spend top dollar for LinkedIn Premium members would seek an expert’s services.

Individuals pay for 15-minute conversation slots with experts.  Earning potential increases with repeat business.

Amount of work for expert

There is no way to determine the actual amount of work involved, and therefore no way to specify a truly appropriate creative fee if expert has project- or value-based pricing. There is no way to ask questions, and also no time for a Q&A.

Expert sets a fee for 15-minute time slot.  He/she can message the enquiring individual to establish the scope of work involved.


Do you provide a statement of earnings at the end of the year?

Yes.  Prior to April 15 of the following year, you will receive a Form 1099-K from us in settlement of reportable payment transactions. You will need this to report these earnings to the Internal Revenue Service.

Last updated: 16 Jan 2018